Why you should attend a clinical trial convention every year and take the most of it?

Why you should attend a clinical trial convention every year and take the most of it?

Sometimes we get invited to clinical trial conventions and hesitate to attend because of the time, money and resources that it requires. But at the same time, they offer a great environment to do business because all the attendants will do their best to make it count.



1.Research is the key

Prepare a checklist with all the important things to do before travelling. This should include:

  • All the details about your trip: flight information, transport, accommodation, visa, required vaccines, etc.
  • Check the exhibitor list as there are new companies joining continuously.
  • Review the partnering scenario: how your profile is, which clinical testing companies are attending and the level on engagement they have with your company.
  • Other networking activities related to the convention.
  • Updated information on the website and social media profiles of the Convention.

2. Optimize your time there

There will be hundreds or even thousands of exhibitors, so we will need to focus on what is most relevant for our business. A good idea is to prepare an agenda with all the sessions that you would like to visit as well as all the meetings, networking and social events that we will attend during these days. Save even more time by studying the floor plan to determine which areas are more interesting for your company!


Let’s be honest: a convention is a unique platform to meet potential partners and that’s why we go, so here are some tips to make the most of it:

  • -Complete your convention profile with all the relevant information about your company.
    -Investigate the companies who are attending the event and choose the most interesting ones for your business. If possible, start booking meetings with them as soon as possible.
    -The subject of your meeting request will determine the percentage of acceptance, so make sure you use an eye-catching title and not just a generic one. After sending the requests, remember to follow up on every one.

4. If it’s not on Linkedin, it didn’t happen

Make sure you update your professional social media profiles while you are attending this event. Social Media – most importantly Linkedin, as the main B2B network– is a great tool to be used prior to the event (to search the contacts that are in the area) and also after the convention, to show our contacts how successful it has been.

So remember: next time you get invited to a clinical trial convention, don’t miss the opportunity! Stop seeing it as a waste of time and money and remember that every minute out there is a huge opportunity to meet new colleagues, update your partners list and have an interesting time learning from the industry we love.

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