Why choose Spain to conduct a medical trial?

Why choose Spain to conduct a medical trial?

There is more to Spain than its sunny beaches and unique cuisine (it’s true!). The Spanish regulation about clinical trials, which reduces times, increases transparency and protects patients’ rights, is one thatfew others countries can match. From May 16th, 2005 the Royal Decree 1090/2015 came to order to regulate pharmaceutical clinical trials, ethics committees management and the Spanish Clinical Trials Register.

The main benefits of the Royal Decree 1090/2015 are:


1. Non-commercial clinical trials Sponsor.

It promotesnon-commercial research as it is not financed by the pharmaceutical industry at all. Others advantages include: fee exemptions and not needing to present insurance until a favorable opinion has been received.


2. Ethics Committees submission time has reduced.

The procedures have been simplified and it is no longer necessary to submit to as many Ethics Committees as sites that are participating in the trial: only one Ethics Committee accreditation is necessary to obtain the approval from the Competent Authority, which simplifies processes and shorten deadlines.

3. Patients are the key

At least one member of the Ethics Committee represents the interests of patients, so in a way, patients are decision-makers in topics that affect them directly.


4.Regulation of the REec (Spanish Clinical Trials Registry)

The Spanish Clinical Trials Registry was developed to increasetransparencyso that anyone, anywhere, can consult any clinical trial authorized in Spain (it can be found here).


Spain is currently participating in approximately 18% of all the clinical trials conducted in Europe, and due to this legislation -which is one of the most competitive across the continent- it is one of the most interesting countries.

If you are looking for a different European country to conduct a clinical trial, take a look on our Romania and Bulgaria post.

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