Who we are and why we work on clinical testing

Who we are and why we work on clinical testing

AICROS was born from a huge contradiction: It belongs to an industry where incredibly modern and innovative products are part of a very traditional sector. Our aim is to help companies who are conducting multinational clinical testing, by offering the knowledge of local experts and adding value through the entire process.
The clinical testing industry works on very antiquated beliefs in the development of drugs and medical devices, and these outdated processes result in products hitting the market relatively slowly and, often, expensively.



Our presidentAndreas Grund has over than 20 years of experience in clinical trials. In 1997 he carried out his first study on obesity in children and teenagers at the University of Kiel (Germany) and his outstanding work was awarded and published in international journals. But after many years, he realized that there were bigger influencing factors (politics, economics, educational) than his research activities, so he decided to change the industry: committed as he was, he switched from university academic research to clinical research.

So, he started in the clinical testing industry with a global CRO, in charge of clinical monitoring. However, and after many years of struggling to manage various studies on 40 sites at once, his line manager asked him to be less productive : “We are currently getting in too few projects and you have to work slower to avoid any funding problems” which he found absolutely incomprehensible: a service provider who puts its own benefits in the foreground was not a service provider for him.

After speaking with his colleagues he discovered that too few people in clinical testing industry took the time to ask themselves a very powerful question: “Why?”: they just repeat processes because that’s the way it’s always been.



Since 2004 Andreas is self-employed, managing AICROS, encouraging project managers to question things to generate better results in a more effective way. In AICROS, we like to bring people together from different cultural backgrounds to effectively conduct clinical trials and get an holistic vision of the industry. We want to make you think,to listen to your opinion about outsourcing, strategies and sponsors and share our researches about clinical monitoring or international project management. We want to keep you updated about the industry we love.

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