Why choose Israel to conduct your clinical trial

Why choose Israel to conduct your clinical trial

In recent years, Israel has morphed into an emerging and preferred destination for clinical trials, offering high-standard research and medical expertise, a diversified population and short, simple regulatory approval pathways, and relatively low administrative costs.


Bigrange of geographical regions and climates

The country’s 22K km2 covers a broad range of geographical regions and climates, with three densely populated central metropolitan areas.


Its 9 million-large, demographically diverse population, includes a spectrum of ethnicities and sociocultures, immigration histories and living settings.

The accumulated knowledge and experience in familial genetic disorders unique to the region and/or ethnic groups serves as fertile ground for a variety of personalized medicine-oriented programs.

Recruitment potential is further enhanced by high patient awareness of the importance of medical research and motivation to contribute.


Healthcare services are provided through a compulsory medical insurance plan, implemented by four, non-for-profit Sick Funds, and 11 publically owned hospitals, seven of which are Joint Commission-accredited. Its public clinics, and hospital and infant-care facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art, advanced technologies and professional personnel trained at internationally renown local or foreign medical institutions.

The comprehensive, high-quality and efficient medical databases managed by each institution, contain critical data of highest value for epidemiological studies and retrospective chart analyses, and ensure accurate and tight monitoring during prospective trials.


The country’s clinical trials legislation is harmonized with EU standards


All ethics committees demand well-controlled trials, on par with all of the most updated international policies (ICH, GCP), which undoubtedly stands at the root of its long-standing history of satisfactory FDA audits.

Clinical trial players, such as start-up companies and clinical research organizations, nurture close ties with the Israeli Ministry of Health, and are well versed in the local and international regulations and policies.

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Supported by physicians and researchers


The clinical trial infrastructure is supported by physicians and researchers with extensive experience with multi-center, multi-national studies, alongside highly skilled and designated study coordinators, regulatory specialists and sub-investigators.


Overall, the highly competitive local arena, drives clinical trial professionals to commit to the highest standards and to regularly participate in continued education enrichment courses.

Patient recruitment is generally smooth and well organized, and is often supported by highly active rare disease societies and non-for-profit organizations, which keep abreast with ongoing research and trials.

Moreover, the relatively small geographical area, generally requiring no more than a two-hour drive to collaborating facilities, simplifies monitoring and sample shipping procedures, while minimizing administrative costs.




Regulatory approval paths are relatively short, with the option of parallel submission to the institutional Helsinki Committee (IRB) and Regulatory Authority, the Israeli MOH.

In addition, contract-related negotiations can be initiated in parallel to Helsinki submission, further shortening time to trial initiation.

As a country with ongoing international collaborations in all disciplines, most professionals are well versed in the English language and all trial-related documents can be prepared and submitted in English, with only patient-facing documents requiring translation to the three leading spoken languages (Hebrew, Russian and Arabic).


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